Changes you should be making to your skincare routine in autumn

You need to change your skincare routine in autumn. Picture: Unsplash Omid Armin

You need to change your skincare routine in autumn. Picture: Unsplash Omid Armin

Published Feb 27, 2023


I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that the weather has already started changing.

Early mornings are not only darker, but there’s a definite chill in the air, yet the afternoons can still reach peak summer temperatures.

This can not only leave us a bit confused about what to wear but how to treat our skin as well.

Here’s how autumn affects your skin and how you should change your skincare routine.

With cooler temperatures comes dry skin and dehydration.

We’ve already had the occasional rainy days and extreme wind. This causes the skin to experience more redness and inflammation.

Because of the cooler weather, there’s often the misconception that sunblock is no longer needed as much as during summer. With people using less sunblock, it leaves their skin exposed to the harmful effects of sun exposure, causing sunburn.

Tips on how to start changing your skincare routine for autumn

Don’t forget to stay hydrated

When the temperature starts to drop, people are less inclined to stay hydrated. Summer heat forces us to do so. This means drinking more water, consuming foods that are hydrating and using hydrating serums and moisturisers.

Don’t forget to hydrate. Picture: Unsplash Mineragua

Start using facial oils

In summer, facial oils tend to leave your skin feeling too greasy. However, during the dryer months to come it’s an ideal time to include them in your skincare routine. Opt for oils that are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Start using facial oils. Picture: Unsplash Alia Hasan

Change your light moisturiser to a thick, rich cream

Due to the humidity in summer, you can get away with using a light moisturiser, but as the temperature drops, it’s time to upgrade to a thick facial cream that offers hydration and acts as a barrier between skin and the dry air.

Ease up on exfoliating

While exfoliating has its benefits, it can be harsh on the skin. It can increase sensitivity, irritation and redness. During the autumn months the skin is already experiencing a lot of changes – give your skin a break from such harsh treatments. Focus on protecting your skin instead. Using a gentle exfoliator once a week is sufficient.