The advantages of using a skin primer

Skin primers provide a smooth canvas. Picture: Pexels Sora Shimazaki

Skin primers provide a smooth canvas. Picture: Pexels Sora Shimazaki

Published Jul 31, 2023


We all know that when it comes to skincare, using sunscreen is essential but when it comes to make-up applications, your essential product is primer.

A skin primer offers a multitude of advantages that can significantly enhance your make-up application and overall finish.

Here’s why you should be using a primer.

Creates a smooth canvas

One of the most important reasons why you should be using a primer is because of its ability to create a smooth canvas to apply your make-up on.

By applying a thin layer of primer onto your face, you can fill in fine lines, minimise the appearance of pores, and blur imperfections.

This creates a more even base, making it easier for your foundation, concealer, and other make-up products to simply glide on.

Primers creates a smooth foundation. Picture: Pexels George Milton

It prolongs make-up wear

It’s so frustrating when you’ve created a flawless make-up application only for it to become patchy as the day goes by. This is where skin primers become helpful.

Primers help your make-up adhere better to your skin which then prolongs its longevity.

It creates a barrier between your skin and the make-up products which prevents excess oil production or facial sweat from breaking down your make-up during the day.

Minimises the appearance of pores and fine lines

If you struggle with enlarged pores or fine lines, a skin primer can be your best friend.

Primers containing silicone-based ingredients that help in these imperfections, creating a more even texture and overall appearance.

This creates a blurring effect on the skin, making your pores and fine lines appear less prominent.

Improves make-up versatility

Another advantage of using a skin primer is that it improves the versatility of your make-up products.

A primer can act as a base for different types of make-up, whether it’s foundation, concealer, bronzer, or eyeshadow.

The use of a primer not only allows for smoother application but also enhances the colour of your product.

It enhances the colours of your make-up. Picture: Pexels Mart Production