Tips on how to change your skincare routine in spring

You have to adjust your skincare in spring. Picture: Unsplash Good Faces

You have to adjust your skincare in spring. Picture: Unsplash Good Faces

Published Sep 1, 2023


Let’s get summer ready. Time to spring clean your skincare routine

Right now everybody is in a “get ready for summer” mode.

Whether it’s changing your diet, heading back to the gym or swapping out your wardrobe, people are getting excited about the warmer days ahead.

Spring is a time for change. Picture: Unsplash Autumn Goodman

As we slowly move out of winter, our skin goes through changes as well.

Before we move onto your actual skincare routine, when was the last time you spring-cleaned your products? You can’t start anew with old products.

Check the “use by” date on your products and toss those that have expired. Using old products can cause break-outs.

Get organised. Once you’ve gotten rid of old products, tidy up your bathroom cupboards or dressing table. In the same way that you spring-clean your wardrobe.

Here’s how you need to change your skincare routine as the season changes.


Winter usually leaves your skin looking dull. Heading into the warm weather, it’s a good idea to increase exfoliation to two to three times a week in order to remove the old build-up.

Opt for a lighter moisturiser

During winter we tend to opt for thick creamy moisturisers. While this is great for winter, as the weather starts to become warmer, this will leave your skin greasy.

Double down on sunscreen

While you’re meant to wear sunscreen every single day, we tend to forget about it in winter.

Now that we will be heading out more often, it’s time to be more vigilant about applying sunscreen. Look out for lightweight moisturisers with built-in sunscreen.

Add a hydrating serum to your routine

During winter we frequently use face oils to secure water and ensure plump skin. Now that there’s more moisture in the air you can opt for a hydrating serum instead