Bride asks her pregnant friend to ‘not look pregnant’ on her wedding day

Pregant woman was asked to not look pregnant. Picture: Pexels Leah Kelley

Pregant woman was asked to not look pregnant. Picture: Pexels Leah Kelley

Published Nov 4, 2023


There are some really demanding brides out there with all kinds of rules and expectations for their wedding day.

While things like colour and dress codes are pretty much standard at most weddings these days, telling someone to “try not to look pregnant” is taking it a bit far.

A Welche pregnant woman, Angharad (@AngieBeatDown) took to X to explain what happened.

In a post that has been viewed over 446K times, she tweeted: “Just got invited to a wedding in January… they asked me to try not to look pregnant because I’ll take attention.

“Being as I'll be seven months pregnant, I declined the invite. (I don't even know why I was invited in the first place).”

Of course, X users couldn’t wait to jump into the comments section to have their say.

“Did they expect you to just suck it in somehow and not breathe for the whole wedding?” commented one person.

To which Angharad responded: “Dont even think you can at that point. I can’t now.”

Another person commented: “I’ll never understand the obsession with being the absolute centre of attention on your wedding day. What’s the big deal if one of the invitees is pregnant? It’s not like she’ll go out of her way to make herself noticed.”

“Give birth at it! That'd teach them,” joked someone else.

“Don't do anything to take attention from the bride... how insecure are they to ASK? Did they have suggestions? 👀I attended a wedding where a woman was celebrating a job promotion and taking attention from the couple. That was awkward,” shared an X user.

Angharad responded: “Nope was just told to ‘try to not look pregnant it will draw attention’... I declined the invite (with a few choice words of how the second week of January is a stupid time to get married 😂)."