‘I could literally see her a** half the night’ - wedding guest rants about plus-one’s inappropriate attire

The plus one wore a very short skirt. Picture: Pexels Marlon Alves

The plus one wore a very short skirt. Picture: Pexels Marlon Alves

Published Aug 7, 2023


Most weddings have a dress code but where there isn’t one, surely people should know to dress appropriately.

By appropriate, I don’t mean conservatively either.

Wearing an outfit that basically has all your bits on display is certainly not appropriate attire for a wedding.

Not unless the wedding is taking place in a club.

A Reddit user who recently attended a wedding took to the popular app to rant about a guest who attended the same wedding.

She was clearly not impressed with the woman’s outfit.

“Just went to a friend's wedding yesterday, and everyone was dressed appropriately for the occasion except for some distant relative’s plus-one he started dating a couple of months ago,” she wrote.

“I’m not usually bothered by what people wear, but I could literally see her a** half the night. She was wearing a neon ultra-mini dress with a deep V down to the stomach and sky-high platform clubbing heels.

“I don't mean half an a** hanging out, I mean I saw her entire lower back and g-string. And of course, she spent the whole time getting sexy Instagram photos of herself taken (when she wasn't sat with her legs on her partner or feeling him up),” she continued.

She added that she simply doesn’t understand how people can make someone else's day about them.

“I get it, weddings are an excuse to dress up and take pics in nice places, but someone's wedding isn't your sexy photoshoot with free food! It's usually someone who doesn't even know the bride and groom and doesn't bother interacting with anyone,” she concluded.

Other Reddit users shared similar experiences.

“Not always the plus one. Daughter's wedding, female college friend of groom, shows up in a very short white dress and ended up having sex in the bathroom. One of the groom's male friends spilled red wine on her at some point,” shared one user.

“Had one of those at my wedding. The plus one (best friend) of one of my husband’s work friends. She wore a super short romper, got drunk, was dancing very provocatively and then decided to ‘break dance’ which resulted in her kicking one of the groomsmen in the face,” added another.