‘We never thought Miss Piggy would get married’ - bride walks out of wedding after being humiliated by mother

Bride upset after being humiliated. Picture: Freepik freepic.diller

Bride upset after being humiliated. Picture: Freepik freepic.diller

Published Sep 13, 2023


No bride would ever expect her own mother to ruin her wedding day.

However, this unfortunate bride learnt the hard way that even those closets to you can hurt you.

The 26-year-old bride who recently got married took to Reddit’s TrueOfMyChest group to share her heartbreaking story.

She explained that in her country it’s common to make a sweet video just before the parents make their speeches at the wedding.

The video would often feature pictures of the bride with her fiancée, pictures of her younger self and pictures with her family or friends.

However, she always struggled with her body image.

While she remains self-conscious about her body, her husband constantly reminds her that she’s pretty no matter what.

After attending a wedding a few years ago, she expressed to her parents that when she one day gets married she didn’t want them humiliating with her old pictures of herself featured on the video at her wedding.

“My dad then told me that I was being unreasonable, that I shouldn't be the only one having fun on my wedding, everyone should have.

“I tried to argue saying that it would be MY wedding and yes, I should be the one having fun the most, but that arguing got quickly shot down,” wrote the bride.

A month before her own wedding, she reminded her whole family that she would not tolerate a video displaying embarrassing pictures from her fat teenage years.

“My parents promised that they would not show those pictures, but that I was being pretty stupid since those were old pictures and people wouldn't even remember them after the wedding.

“I still said that I didn't care, I just don't want people seeing them, since my brain would think that they're judging me,” she added.

Sadly on the day of the wedding, her parents broke their promise.

“Embarrassing pictures of myself showed up in the video, pictures like me eating lots of junk food, making weird faces or just pictures of me that I would never show anyone.

“The photos of my husband from he was young were pretty cute and innocent, and no one laughed at them. But mine were degrading and disgusting in every way.

“Everyone started laughing. It felt like reviving the trauma from when I was a teenager and people would laugh at me, so I immediately started crying,” wrote the bride.

After the video, the speeches came up.

“Both my husband and I couldn't pay that much attention to what my relatives were saying until my mom started speaking up.

“The last straw for me was when she said: ‘Well, we’re all so happy to be here. We never thought Ms. Piggy would get married, we all thought she would end up alone living in a cheap rented house with all her 4 smelly cats!’,” wrote the distraught bride.

As soon as she heard that, she walked out of the wedding venue.

“After a good 10 minutes, my whole family and some of my friends came out from the building, looking for me. My parents were fuming, screaming at me for walking out of the party, saying I was the one to blame for all this since I should've just sucked it up and let them finish their speech without making such a scene,” she continued.

“I went back home with my husband three hours after all that argument happened, and cried all night long. We're going to travel for our honeymoon tomorrow, but I've been a complete mess since then. They haven't apologised and I don't think they are going to do so. What should I do now?” she concluded.

“I think you should take a break from them, go low contact or no contact. They are bullying you, they not your support and you don't need them! Family should support, encourage you, don't bring you down, they're selfish,” responded one Reddit user.

“I’m so sorry that that happened to you, you deserve so much better. I would go no contact with your parents and the family that thought that behaviour was okay,” suggested another.