Man called a ‘broke husband’ after he refuses to pay for his wife’s friends’ R13 000 restaurant bill

Man expected to pay for dinner. Picture: Freepik

Man expected to pay for dinner. Picture: Freepik

Published Sep 12, 2023


When it comes to who pays the bill at the end of a meal, things can get awkward if not discussed beforehand.

When you’re out with a group of people, do you just pay for what you had or split the bill equally?

When you’re out on a romantic date, does he pay or do you split it?

It’s usually best to settle that upfront.

However, this group of friends didn’t do that and all turned to the one man at the table to settle the bill.

The 24-year-old man took to Reddit’s popular Am I The A**hole group to share how he became the joke of the night when he refused to cough up and pay a hefty bill.

“My wife has four friends who she has been really close with since high school. For a celebration my wife decided to go to an expensive steak house,” wrote the husband.

“We all eat and my wife slides the $700 bill and proceeds to say: ‘The man should always pay for the wife and her friends.’ I laugh awkwardly saying why. She says because I’m the man.”

He then told his wife that the only person he will be paying for is her and himself.

Her friends proceeded to laugh at him and called him a “broke husband”.

“I stand up and put two one hundred dollar bills for me and my wife’s food and leave,” he continued.

“My wife gets home and starts screaming at me. Saying I made her feel embarrassed. How she promised her friends I’d pay. And that her friends made fun of her on the ride home for marrying a man who can’t pay the bill.

“I decided to pack a bag and head to my friend's house. I told my parents/friends and they said I should have just paid it.”

He’s now having second thoughts about whether he perhaps over-reacted and he’s asked Reddit users if he was the a**hole for doing so.

Most Reddit users have come out in full support, saying that he was not the a**hole for not paying.

“NTA. Your wife should have talked to you about it before telling her friends you’d pay, not assume,” responded one user.

Another said: “NTA. You need to educate your wife. I will bet money she thinks what she earns is hers alone, and what you earn she is entitled to.”

“Dude everyone in this scenario is an AH EXCEPT you. The audacity to just... casually push over a 7 HUNDRED dollar bill, and then say ‘well the man should always pay for his wife and her friends’. It sounds to me like your wife doesn't want a spouse, she wants a sugar daddy. NTA in the slightest,” writes another.