Wedding guest is expected to pay R2 800 for plate of food and R1 400 for kiddies hotdog

Wedding guest is expected to pay for his own food. Picture: Freepik Freepic.diller

Wedding guest is expected to pay for his own food. Picture: Freepik Freepic.diller

Published Sep 14, 2023


We all know that weddings can be expensive, but to ask your guests to pay their own way, that’s unacceptable.

However, more and more bridal couples are in fact expecting guests to pay for their own food - a trend that most guests are finding hard to swallow.

This Reddit user found himself in that very position.

He took to the popular app’s ‘Am I Wrong’ group to find out if he was wrong for thinking it’s messed up to charge people for food.

“A co-worker and his fiancé are getting married and invited me to the wedding. I got the invite and it says $150 a plate for adults and $75 for children,” wrote the man.

“The kicker is, one of the options for a kid’s plate is a hot dog. For $75 bucks... with a root beer float.”

“I may not be invited to a lot of weddings in my life, but if you’re inviting me to join your party and then expect me to pay outrageous prices for food that is pennies on the dollar?” he added.

“Am I the a**hole for thinking this is kinda messed up? Maybe it's normal for people to charge to basically attend their wedding,” he concluded.

On person responded: “It's ridiculous to be invited to an event at a wedding and have to pay for your dinner. I wouldn't bother going, that's a ridiculous price and that's just a co-worker so it's no big deal not to go.”

“That’s outrageous. They’re trying to profit off food. 😂 what tacky people. You aren’t wrong, just decline the invite,” suggested another.

Another chirped: “Sounds like they found a clever way to pay for their wedding. Pop up restaurant!”

“NTA this is so stupid as well as tacky. this is a wedding not a charity event RSVP no and go on with your life,” commented another Reddit user.