WATCH: Homeless man surprised by good Samaritan’s generosity when he receives R3,000 for choosing ‘cup of coffee’ over bottle of beer

Hendrik accepted the cup of coffee. Picture: TikTok

Hendrik accepted the cup of coffee. Picture: TikTok

Published Sep 21, 2023


These days it's rare to still find good Samaritans but believe it or not, they do still exist.

So it’s always heart-warming when you come across a story like this one.

Popular TikTok user @biphakathi1, who often helps out those in need, has once again taken to the streets to assist a homeless man.

With 3 million views and over 180K likes, the video showing his generosity has gone viral.

At the start of the clip, he approaches the man while holding two items in his hand. One is a bottle of beer and the other is what appears to be a cup of coffee.

He then asks the man, whose name is Hendrik, to choose between the two, Hendrik opts for the cup the coffee saying that he’s “not an alcoholic” when asked why he didn’t choose the beer.

As he gives the man the cup, he tells him to check inside to see how big it is.

On opening what he thought was a cup of coffee, he discovers that it is in fact filled with R100 notes.

Clearly shocked, the man is left speechless.

After Phakathi asks him to count the cash, he tells him that it is R3,000.

“I just came to surprise you” he told Hendrik who couldn’t stop thanking him and gives him a hug.

“I just came to surprise you because I saw you when you are looking for stuff on the road. And then I said, let me come and surprise my brother.”

Overwhelmed with emotion Hendrik said: “God bless you”.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the good Samaritan hands him another couple of R100 notes saying: “Just going to take it easy for yourself, right?”

@biphakathi1 Before you judge a homeless person see what happened #kindness ♬ The Wisp Sings - Winter Aid

TikTok users have been left in tears themselves with one person saying: “Let’s see who cutting onions.”

“Yoh this just made me cry. God Bless u Bi phakathi,” said another emotional viewer.

Others commented on how Hendrik made the right choice by choosing the cup instead of the alcohol since many would have opted for the beer.

“I would have lost this one xem. I was goh choose Heineken,” confessed one person.

“From this day I drink coffee,” said another who would possibly have chosen the alcohol before.

“Guys choosing alcohol would only be to numb the pain… please don’t judge,” commented someone else.