Durban founder and director of Shangase Brands, Bongi Shangase, with her Oh So Bright laundry detergent paste.
Durban - Durban entrepreneur Bongi Shangase is giving multi-national corporations a clean run for their money with her detergent brand that she aims to eventually see in laundry rooms of every home in the country and beyond.

Shangase, who started Shangase Brands, initially direct selling her line of cosmetics, Skin Radiant, in 2010, before launching her detergent brand Oh So Bright, with business partner Manna Hoogenboezem six years later, is already on track export her product into neighbouring countries.

Shangase, 53, matriculated at Georgetown High School in Pietermaritzburg before obtaining a BSC degree, majoring in mathematics, statistics and chemistry, from the University of Cape Town.

“I used to love chemistry a lot but I ended up pursuing statistics and worked as a statistician for the Department of Home Affairs for two years,” Shangase said.

She then got a job with Unilever, where she worked in product development for 10 years and jumped at the opportunity to also get involved in direct selling for the firm.

She later decided to collaborate with Britec Laboratories, in Umbogintwini, to create skincare products called Skin Radiant, which she started selling directly to the public.

She decided to expand her business and, with the help of the same laboratory, she spent three years researching the development of the laundry washing product - birthed as Oh So Bright in 2016. The product is currently manufactured in her partner’s factory in Umbogintwini, south of Durban.

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