City disputes claims that iconic Moses Mabhida stadium is collapsing

Aerial view of Moses Mabhida Stadium

Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban. l FILE/SHELLEY KJONSTAD

Published Mar 9, 2023


Durban – Vusi Mazibuko, the head of stadia and facilities in eThekwini Municipality has dismissed allegations that the iconic Moses Mabhida stadium was collapsing.

Speaking on the eThekwini Municipality’s online platform, “eThekwini Matters”, Mazibuko said the allegation that the stadium was collapsing was misinformation spread by people who wanted to damage the image of the city.

“Is the stadium collapsing?” asked the host of the podcast and the spokesperson of the eThekwini Municipality, Msawakhe Mayisela.

It was reported recently by the Sunday Tribune that Durban’s Moses Mabhida Stadium was crumbling, with cracks on the roof, pillars and walls requiring urgent repairs that could cost eThekwini Municipality millions to ensure the stadium is safe for use.

It said the extent of decay on the 13-year-old stadium has forced some tenants to move out as it was deemed unsafe for them to continue operating there.

“The stadium is not collapsing,” Mazibuko responded, adding that such information was coming from people who had no interest in the city.

“It comes from people who have made it their business to rubbish the city, who have made it their business to paint this city as a failing city. That is how I sum it up. With all the news that the stadium is collapsing; there is no picture that suggests that the stadium is collapsing,” he said.

He said the stadium had been hosting events amid these allegations. “I think it's important to confirm (that it's not collapsing). When the news broke, people panicked.” He added that because the stadium hosted international events, were concerns were coming from outside the country.

Mazibuko said it was untrue that tenants had moved out because of fear the stadium might collapse. He said some of the people had left because their businesses were struggling.

He said they are now searching for new tenants that will come with innovative ideas.

Going forward, the city will be hosting more events in the coming months at the stadium, he said.