The drug stash- including pure cocaine- recovered in a Point flat. Picture: SAPS

A 40-year-old man has been arrested for "cooking" and supplying cocaine in Durban's infamous Point area. 

Police spokeswoman Captain Nqobile Gwala said on Wednesday that the man was nabbed by the Provincial Drug Unit following a tip-off. 

After a stakeout where they monitored the activities in the area, they pounced on the man at his flat on Tuesday.

"He was found in possession of 92 full moon of rock cocaine, 41 loops of cocaine powder, 9.8 grams of pure cocaine, 20 grams of yellow rock cocaine powder in a wet form and one and half kilogram of white powder," said Gwala. 

The estimated street value of the drugs recovered drugs is R350 000. 

The man was arrested and is due to appear at the Durban Magistrates Court on Wednesday. 

In a separate bust, the unit recovered 69 bags of cocaine between a pile of bricks in the parking lot of a Wentworth flat.

"No one was arrested but removing such drugs from the streets means preventing such drugs from reaching the hands of our youth. Follow-up operations will be conducted to ensure that the dealer is apprehended," said Gwala. 

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