Law enforcement on high alert as seven appear in court for unrest murders in Phoenix

Seven suspects appeared in the Verulam Magistrate’s Court yesterday in connection with murders that were committed in Phoenix during the recent civil unrest.

MEMBERS of the SANDF outside the Verulam Magistrate’s Court as seven suspects appear for murders in Phoenix during the unrest. | Screen grab.

Published Jul 26, 2021


DURBAN - THERE was a strong presence of law enforcement authorities outside the Verulam Magistrate’s Court yesterday as a crowd gathered ahead of the appearance of seven suspects linked to murders in Phoenix during the unrest.

The suspects were arrested at the weekend and according to the police, some were allegedly connected to more than one murder case and others would face charges relating to attempted murder, malicious damage to property and defeating the ends of justice, the police said.

Police closed George Sewpersadh Street as dozens of people had gathered outside court.

A large group, holding posters in support of the suspects, came out in support of the suspects that are appearing in court yesterday as they are holding posters.

Alice Govender, Phoenix community activist, said they decided to come out to offer support to those arrested.

Govender also added that the community stood firmly behind South Africa’s rule of law and that if a guilty verdict is handed down, the law must take its course.

“Wrongdoers will face the full extent of the law and all we ask is that our community not be labelled as racist. We’ve been here for over 150 years and this is the first time the Indian community has actually taken arms to protect themselves,” said Govender.