LETTER: Brian shivambu is an employee of eff, not just a family member

By Visvin Reddy Time of article published Oct 18, 2018

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LETTER - An investigation into the theft of about R2billion from VBS Bank paints a bleak picture of how a group of ravenous individuals can fleece poor people of their hard-earned money.

Unfortunately, we live in a country where the law can be used to protect the criminals and not necessarily the victims.

EFF leader Julius Malema wants to challenge the findings of the forensic investigation which uncovered large-scale fraud and corruption perpetrated by shady officials within VBS, supported by a network of thugs with influence over key investors.

Several senior provincial ANC leaders have been implicated in the forensic report, and the ruling party, through an official statement, has called on them to face the music.

Brian Shivambu, the brother of EFF deputy leader Floyd Shivambu, stands accused of receiving about R16million from VBS. Many in the EFF argue that the party cannot be held liable for the actions of family members of its senior officials.

This would be a fair view but Brian is not only a family member but an employee of the EFF.

He is responsible for marketing EFF regalia and, according to Malema, he also does fund-raising for the party.

Malema says that Brian deposits money into the EFF account from time to time for such things as hire of buses for rallies, etc. This, to me, is a cover up and an attempt to pre-empt the outcome of a further forensic investigation which will link funds deposited by Brian into the EFF account. It becomes more suspicious when the EFF is the only party that defends VBS. All this reinforces the perception that the EFF was a recipient of the money looted from VBS.

Malema must not fool us. He is no saint. He would do well if he condemned the fraud and corruption that has besieged VBS and called for those responsible to face the consequences of their actions.

His famous song “pay back the money” should be sung again.

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