Load shedding affecting water supply to dozens of areas in Umdoni Local Municipality

Taps are running dry. A social entrepreneur who developed dry baths may have one of the answers in response to this crisis. File Picture: ANA

Taps are running dry. A social entrepreneur who developed dry baths may have one of the answers in response to this crisis. File Picture: ANA

Published Dec 19, 2022


Durban - Ugu District Municipality said the implementation of adjusted load shedding has negatively impacted the performance of the Umzinto Water Treatment Works system, which is affecting areas in Umdoni Local Municipality.

The municipality said the Umzinto Water Treatment Works system is still producing less water, averaging from 7.5Ml/day(7.5 million litres per day), instead of the 15Ml/day combined with treated water from the South Coast Pipeline, due to planned Eskom power outages that affect bulk abstraction, purification, production and distribution to booster pump stations to fill command reservoir storages.

“The implementation of adjusted load shedding has negatively affected the system's performance to be able to provide an improved water supply to the areas fed from the treatment works,” read a statement.

The municipality said the plant did not have power supply from Eskom between 11pm on Sunday until Monday morning.

“Therefore, the purification process was interrupted. The power supply was only restored this morning, according to Umgeni Water”, the municipality added.

The next Eskom load shedding schedule is between 11am to 3.30pm and 7pm to 9.30pm. This is not allowing the system to stabilise.

Some of the areas affected include:

  • Treated water from South Coast Pipeline, which is notably increasing to augment Umzinto Water Treatment Works with treated water while supplying Scottburgh South and Central, Pennington, Park Rynie and Freeland Park.
  • Quarry Reservoir under Umgeni Water based at eMkhomazi (formerly Umkomaas), which has enough water to release for downstream areas under Umdoni Local Municipality.
  • Umzinto Heights reservoir is low, and tower is low since the plant had no Eskom power Supply from 11pm last night until this morning. Therefore, the plant is low and currently waiting for the system to recover. Umzinto CBD and Surrounding areas are affected.
  • Nkonka Reservoir is empty. Pumps are off-line due to the plant being low, and pipe burst 225mm AC currently being attended.

The municipality said the 225mm AC main pipe burst behind the Sasol Garage in Umzinto and affected a number of areas, including Umzinto Heights, Malangeni, Umzinto, Riverside Park, Roshenheight, Mandawe, Farm Isonti, Hazelwood, and Dududu. In addition to this, Cedars, Ghandinagar, KwaCele, Esperanza, Umzinto/Sanathan Informal Settlements, Asoka and Malibu heights, Shayamoya, Mbilimbili Farm, Court Road, and Umzinto Prison were also affected.

According to the municipality, the relief plan to provide alternative emergency relief water supply through water tankers was being arranged and will be communicated through the affected Ward councillors. The municipal said: “Water Tankers are expected to assist. Meanwhile the system is experiencing multiple challenges.”

  • Farm Isonti: The reservoir is low since Nkonka Reservoir level is empty and unable to pump up to Farm Isonti until the system is recovered.
  • Esperanza Pumps are off-line due to the Eskom power supply not being restored. Mhlangamkhulu Reservoir is empty, and Malangeni Area's water supply is affected. A follow-up to Eskom to restore the power supply is being made.
  • Shayamoya Water Supply status: The water supply is interrupted, the plant was off-line from last night (11pm) until this morning, and the treatment works is low.
  • Nkonka reservoir is low. A line valve to the KwaCele reservoir is closed, and the water supply to part of Amandawe (Ward 17), Cedars up to Dududu through Philani and Cedars reservoirs is disrupted.
  • Mahlongwa, part of Amandawe (Ward 14,16&18). Water supply is opened for the Willowglen Water Pump Station. However, it's unable to run both pumps due to not enough water from the bulk to the pump station. eThekwini Metro and Ugu teams will go on-site for further investigation. Mahlongwa reservoir outlet remained open to charge the reticulation network. Electricians will monitor the pump performance regularly.
  • Pennington: The reservoir level is improving, and the aim is to fill the tower to be able to provide water supply to high-lying areas, including Eden Rock and surrounding areas. The report of water interruptions from 8 Coral Road in Pennington is being checked.
  • Scottburgh South And Central Reservoir level currently stable. The overflow from the Tower is being attended by electricians.
  • Freeland Park Water supply: Sylvia Road and high-lying areas are experiencing water disruption due to power interruptions affecting the pumping to the Tower. Instrument Technicians have assessed and serviced the auto control system to enable the pump to run on auto when Eskom Power Supply is restored. Main Reservoirs are averaging 61% and 37%. The Tower is 60% since the pump is pumping lesser hours than normal.
  • Kelso: Reservoir is still above 50% and maintain the supply to the areas fed from the reservoir.
  • Ellingham reservoir is 90% and releasing water to Umzinto Water Treatment Works.
  • Sezela, Elysium, Koelwater, Umthwalume Urban, Bazley to Hilltop: Water supply is interrupted due to continuous pipe bursts in the area. Water supply is opened, and there are still section of the area complaining about water supply shortages. Teams are in the area to follow through the waterlines and troubleshoot to ensure water supply is restored.
  • Mthwalume Water Pump Station still has no power and the fault was reported to Eskom Ref: 594840265. It affects Koelwater area. Follow up is being made.