The Incubator Hub has been launched by The Sharks and Gagasi.
DURBAN - The recently launched Incubator Hub, which was created by rugby franchise The Sharks and radio station Gagasi aims to give graduates an opportunity to gain much-needed work experience.

The hub, which will be project managed by Blue Door Theory, a Durban based creative agency, will offer a set number of graduates the opportunity to gain work experience whilst earning a stipend. It will initially focus on the areas of Marketing, Advertising and Communication.

Eduard Coetzee, chief operations officer for The Sharks said: “For us, transformation is not just restricted to the field of play, but it involves all sectors of our business. The introduction of this Incubator Hub provides deserving graduates with the platform to develop their expertise through their involvement in marketing campaigns and other projects. At the same time, these young creative minds will also be aiding our business objective of diversifying our fan base into non-traditional markets and they will have input into the overall engagement plan.”

Gagasi General Manager, Vukile Zondi,added that as a lifestyle brand, The Incubator Hub was important to diversify the overall brand relevance of Gagasi. “We are now at the forefront of taking a once FM only brand and completely adapting the accompanying narrative in terms of how Gagasi is perceived and understood.”

The programme will take six graduates, who have either a three-year national diploma or degree in the relevant area, per annum for a period of 12 months.