12 February 2019-Murder accused Seni Mkhize stands in the dock during his trial in Durban High court. He is accused of hijacking a car in Chatsworth last year where a little girl Sadia Sukhraj was shot dead in the process Picture: Doctor Ngcobo/African News Agency(ANA)
DURBAN - The man who carried 9-year-old Sadia Sukhraj from her father’s hijacked vehicle said “she was not moving” when he took her to the car that transported her to hospital.

Naresh Singh was testifying during the trial of murder accused Seni Mkhize, who is said to have caused the death of Sadia, and his alleged accomplice, Siyabonga Bulose, during a robbery last year.

Speaking in the Durban High Court yesterday, Singh said he was on his way to work in Caucus Street when he saw a vehicle at the side of the embankment that looked like it had been in an “accident or a hijacking”.

He said he noticed a man lying on the front passenger side door “gasping for air and trying to breathe”.

Singh said he went around the car and saw another man trying to take a child out of the car.

“The man asked me for help because the child’s leg was jammed behind the driver’s seat,” he said.

After releasing the clip to free the child, Singh said the man passed the child over to him.

“She was not moving and had blood on her left side,” Singh said.

According to Singh he carried the child to a nearby car and asked the driver to take her to hospital.

“There was a lady there saying ‘please help my child’, she was terrified,” he said.

Truck driver Petros Ngubane, who was on his way to a mechanic when the hijackers crashed into his truck, damaging the bull bar, said that while he was inspecting the damage with a security guard and another man, the car returned.

“The car came towards us and tried to knock us down. The security guard and the other man jumped to one side and I jumped to the other,” Ngubane said.

He said the car “made contact” with him and ran over his foot and “bumped” him over.

Ngubane said he got up and started running through a path and came across a group of people who asked, “What did you do?”

“They had already grabbed one man and they were assaulting him,” said Ngubane.

Siyanda Thabethe, a security guard who was first on the scene where the hijacked car had come to a stop said that after being knocked by the silver Hyundai he got up and went to the car.

He said he saw the driver exit the car through the back passenger door carrying a handbag.

Thabethe said he pulled the man out of the car and put him down on the ground, then noticed that there was a child in the back seat.

“I asked ‘why have you shot the child?’ and he said ‘we did not shoot the child.

“The child was shot by the owner of the car,’” Thabethe said.

He said a convoy of vehicles arrived and people jumped out carrying “every weapon you can imagine”.

He said he tried to prevent the suspect from being assaulted, but was also “slapped” in the face.

The trial will resume today.