Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng is one of South Africa’s most respected figures, says the writer.
Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng is one of South Africa’s most respected figures, says the writer.

LETTER: Chief Justice Mogoeng - one of the strongest pillars of our country

By Letters Time of article published Nov 25, 2019

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LETTER - I felt absolutely privileged to have been able to watch and listen to one of the most brilliant lectures of undiluted, hard-hitting fact on Saturday afternoon, November 23.

This was Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng’s brilliant presentation at the 17th Annual Nelson Mandela Lecture.

This treasure of enlightenment was delivered by a man I respect and hold in high esteem, as one of the strongest pillars of truth and courage, in present day South Africa - Chief Justice Mogoeng.

Not only is he a pillar of excellence, a mouthpiece of undiluted hard-hitting fact and truth and an advocate for the independence of our justice system, but he is also a treasure in the heavily depleted treasure chest of present day South Africa. May he be protected from all harm, remain solid in his vision and holding all to account who may wish to bring harm to our country!

His speech was so holistic, factual and touched on so many aspects we have witnessed throughout a number of years, both before and post the era of a democratic South Africa.

To mention only a few of the valid points Chief Justice Mogoeng uncovered would not do his lecture any justice, save saying that he stressed that Love was one of the pillars on which we should redress both past and present ills, still hanging in the air.

Without Love, Respect cannot thrive. Without Love, the present scourge of all the criminal activities we see thriving will never be brought to an end. Without Love neither will a household, nor a country, let alone our precious world continue to exist or flourish. For those who “pooh, pooh” the substance of this lecture, at whatever stage, I challenge you to do something better, something positive to change the path we are presently on to a better future for all.

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