LETTER: Look at facts, not propaganda

DA Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis. Picture: Facebook

DA Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis. Picture: Facebook

Published Apr 26, 2024


I keep coming across discount pundits taking aim at the Cape Town and Western Cape governments for “failing” to deal with the housing needs of low-income residents.

But when you start poking at the arguments put forward by yapping opposition parties, they turn out to be nothing but fluff.

As I have it, DA Mayor Hill-Lewis just tabled the largest infrastructure budget in the history of the City, rubbishing both Durban and Johannesburg.

In fact, the mayor will invest more in city infrastructure over the next three years than his two colleagues combined.

And that’s not all – of this year’s R11 billion infrastructure allocation, 73% will be spent on lower-income areas and informal settlements.

Numbers don’t lie, but people do, and it is easy to entice the gullible to jump on the “naughty DA” bandwagon when you withhold the facts from them just because they don’t suit your political agenda.

* Norman van Staden, Cape Town.

** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Media.

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