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DURBAN - Now that formal charges have been laid against eThekwini Mayor Zandile Gumede, it’s best that she resigns, clears her name and thereafter decide which way to go.

In politics, charges of this nature are not “parking fines” and if found guilty, it seriously challenges one’s fitness to hold any political or government office.

Sadly, the Zuma era created this climate of impunity and the “so what” effect.

Driving past the Westcliff municipal refuse dump site a day after the elections, with the thousands of bags of domestic refuse strewn all over, was an eyesore, health hazard and poor reflection on the city’s management. To cap it all, this was opposite a major voting station. All the “thuma mina” hopes must have dissipated in no time and I would guess opposition parties must have done well.

Ask yourself which governing party will ever get votes if this is the service delivery and response they offer.

At the very least an emergency team of cleaners (or even the MK vets) could have been mobilised to clean up the mess. The city has a R46billion budget.

In the end, the trial is going to create a good few ripples, giving the opposition plenty of ammunition. To think the mayor, deputy mayor and opposition are well represented by females speaks well for gender issues, but sadly governance is poor.

EThekwini Mayor Zandile Gumede faces charges of fraud and corruption.

Looking at local government and the next elections, it seems the ANC is set to lose its metros or strengthen the opposition much more. Sadly Mayor Gumede and the Pietermaritzburg saga will only accelerate this decline.

Resign, Madam Mayor, and save the ANC for the next election.