Former Bosasa Chief Operations Officer, Angelo Agrizzi looks on before giving testimony at the Judicial Commission of Inquiry probing state capture in Johannesburg
DURBAN - The stench is unbearable as the rotting skeletons come tumbling out of the cupboards of Bosasa at the Zondo Commission of Inquiry.

Former Bosasa chief operations officer Angelo Agrizzi has stunned the commission and the country with his startling, spine-chilling details about what goes on in the dark, secret corridors of power in the ANC government.

His in-depth allegations have lifted the lid on juicy, mouth-watering deals between the controversial company and government departments and officials.

Numerous government and union officials including former president Jacob Zuma were said to be on its payroll to secure lucrative contracts for the company.

Chief among them was apparently Environmental Affairs Minister Nomvula Mokonyane, who behaved like an old divine ruler. She was allegedly showered with gifts and money for more than a decade: a monthly allowance of R50000 in cash and annual Christmas gifts of 120 cases of cold drinks, four cases of high quality whisky, numerous cases of premium brandy, 40 cases of beer and lots of lamb, chicken beef and sausages to indulge in a gluttonous feast like the Romans.

The alleged bribes went on and on, and, he said, included paying R65000 a month to former Correctional Services commissioner Linda Mti, renovating, building and furnishing his homes, and also the home of former Correctional Services chief financial officer Patrick Gillingham.

Agrizzi made damning allegations against Correctional Services officials.

At first it was R500000 a month, but when Tom Moyane took over the bribe increased to an astonishing R750000 a month.

The bribes detailed by Agrizzi are mind-boggling.

If these allegations are indeed true they paint a dark, dismal picture of ANC misrule no better than the rest of Africa.

Could the ANC then be trusted and must we still vote for this rapacious band who are in a feeding frenzy, devouring everything around them like voracious worms?