LETTER: Stop the hand-outs to empower the poor

By Gerry Nelson Time of article published Jul 1, 2020

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LETTER - In America, among other tactics, Black Lives Matter (BLM) uses white “guilt” to further their political radical socialist agenda. Their BLM co-founder said they want to dismantle white supremacy. 

She said: “Whites have to give up something. They actually have to sacrifice themselves and willingly give up the things they currently benefit from.” Sixty percent of America is white; 14% African-American.

President Ramaphosa espouses the same ideology as BLM in that both are supposed to represent the have-nots and that whites are the sole cause of all their problems. In responding to Freedom Front’s Pieter Groenewald’s question in Parliament about growing the economy, President Ramaphosa said: “I am saying let us work together (find) real solutions that are going to be impactful on the livelihoods of our people. 

As inclusive economy is what should be occupying you, honourable Groenewald, in your mind and everything you do, rather than let us continue holding on to the privileges that white people have always had in this country.”

Whites in South Africa are a small minority of about 9%, most of whom are not wealthy and their numbers are diminishing as our economy continues to be engineered into a socialist one.

Our government’s legislated Broad-based Black Economic legislation in 2007, and to 2018 this programme made “little or no progress in advancing blacks” said a report in the Mail and Guardian. Duma Gqubule, the director of the Centre for Economic Development and Transformation, said it was an “abject disaster”. Obviously, given all government’s other monstrous woes it still feels it obligatory that Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment be used to punish this perceived, massive “white” threat.

So since 1994, rather than focusing on getting the South African economy really going, which would undoubtedly uplift the lives of millions of its unemployed and poor, the ANC deemed it first necessary to exacerbate the unemployment problem by adding to the unemployed all those it wants to punish because of not complying with government’s meaningless radical socialist thumb-sucked percentage criteria that is based on what some future socialist utopia might eventually look like to them. The government’s interim solution to the have-nots since 1994 was, and still is, hand-outs to the poor, not jobs.

President Ramaphosa, you will be remembered as the Robin Hood of South Africa. You take from the rich so that everyone will be poor together.

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