If you are eating mussels off the eThekweni coastline, make sure they're thoroughly cooked, advise marine scientists.


eThekweni – Marine scientists have cautioned seafood lovers against eating mussels collected along the eThekweni coastline unless they are properly cooked, after recent tests showed high sewage contamination levels.

The latest Mussel Watch monitoring report from the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) also suggests that some mussels – especially those around Karridene on the South Coast – contain relatively high levels of arsenic, which could potentially increase their lifetime cancer risk if these contaminated mussels are eaten too frequently.

“The public should be warned not to consume bivalve shellfish (mussels, clams) collected along the eThekwini shoreline if the shellfish have not been properly cooked,” the CSIR stated unequivocally.

But the council was more cautious about the potential risks from arsenic-contaminated mussels, and suggested that the warning should be interpreted with caution as the arsenic levels were not high enough to pose acute toxic risks.