A third taxi has been burnt in ongoing turf wars in Phoenix, north of Durban Picture: Facebook

Durban - A third taxi was allegedly petrol bombed in apparent running battles between rival gangs in the Phoenix area. On Saturday night, emergency services were alerted after a taxi was set alight in Sunford, just 100 metres away from the Phoenix police station.

KZN VIP’s Glen Naidoo, said they responded to the call on Saturday night.

Naidoo said when they arrived, the taxi was well alight.

“Firefighters worked quickly to put the fire out. No injuries were reported,” he said.

This incident comes just days after two taxis, belonging to a tow truck operator, were petrol bombed. The taxis were parked on a piece of property which is being used as a parking lot by the Odanes Taxis and tow trucks in Brayford Road.

The taxis are owned by the Periasamy brothers; Kevin and Calvin who are currently awaiting trial. The men were arrested in January during a major drug bust at their home.

Last week a tow truck operator was died after being shot multiple times outside his Sunford Drive home. 

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