Women pass a National Lottery sign in the hometown of Europe's biggest lottery winners.
INTERNATIONAL - For Natalie Metcalf, good things definitely come in twos after she won £1million (R18m) on the lottery, then went into labour the next day.

In a roller-coaster few days, Metcalf, 37, matched six numbers on February 1, discovered she had won on February 2, went into labour on February 3 and had her daughter Poppy on February 5.

However, her fiancé Andrew Symes, 40, said having their little girl trumped striking gold on the EuroMillions.

Symes added: “As soon as Natalie went into labour, all thoughts of our win went completely out of our minds.

“We were totally focused on making sure Natalie and the baby were okay and it wasn’t until the baby was born and we were home that we had a moment to think, 'Wow, has that really happened,' and start making plans."

The couple were at home with their 2-year-old son on Saturday, February 2, when Metcalf began dancing around their living room with cash she received from the sale of a pushchair, singing jokily: “We’re rich, we’re rich!”

So she was flabbergasted when Symes, who was checking the EuroMillions online, realised their numbers had come up and told her: “Yes, yes, you are!”

“We just couldn’t believe it," she said.

The Thornbury, Gloucestershire, couple intend to spend the cash on a new house and a dream wedding.

A thrilled, Symes, who works for a pensions company, said: "We’ll be able to buy a home and not even have to worry about a mortgage." 

-  Daily Mail