Screen grab from YouTube video

While on safari, a male rhino rammed into a family’s SUV as they drove through Africam Safari park in Puebla Mexico last month.

Footage of the incident shows the rhino ramming into the driver’s side door of the SUV while rangers attempt to chase it away.

The Rhino then moves to the back of the vehicle and begins charging and lifting the vehicle with its horn as the family attempt to drive away.

According to, officials said the incident was sparked when the large male caught wind of a female partner ready to mate.

A statement from the park added that it was an isolated incident and the animals have been separated until she is no longer in heat.

“The necessary measures were taken immediately so that this does not happen again,” it said.

Although in shock, the family were unharmed.

Especiallyafrica shares tips to stay safe while on safari:

  • Stay in your car all the time. Follow the rules that will be posted.
  • Don’t stand up or stick anything out of the car. 
  • Don’t watch an animal at close range. 
  • If you are in a car with windows, it’s better to keep them closed.
  • If you are on a walking safari stay downwind from the animals to keep them from catching your scent. When the animals you are approaching look hostile, create an escape route without making any noise. You could also walk away slowly to avoid aggravating the situation.
  • If you encounter an animal that doesn’t like your presence move back slowly and quietly.
  • Avoid swimming in rivers or lakes unless you are absolutely sure there are no hippos or crocodiles.
  • Always wear boots and socks when walking around the bush. 
  • Don’t walk around at night in areas where you know there is wildlife present that can be potentially harmful to you.
  • Don’t leave your tent at night. If you need to, call the security to help you.