Pedros hits back at eThekwini municipality over R5 000 illegal dumping fine

A metro police officer is seen writing up a fine after Pedros was accused of illegal dumping. Picture: Supplied

A metro police officer is seen writing up a fine after Pedros was accused of illegal dumping. Picture: Supplied

Published Nov 11, 2022


Durban – A popular chicken outlet is taking eThekwini municipality to task after it was fined for illegal dumping.

Last week, eThekwini municipality issued a R5 000 fine to Pedros.

“The eThekwini municipality has slapped Pedros chicken outlet on Pixley KaSeme branch with a R5 000 fine for illegal dumping. They were caught red-handed by metro police and were fined in line with the Nuisance and Behaviour in Public Places By-Law,” the City said.

“The City has a zero tolerance stance on illegal dumping.

“Those found dumping illegally will be fined.

“The public is requested to report illegal dumping taking place in their communities,” the municipality added.

Picture: eThekwini Municipality

However, Pedros management on Friday told IOL that it will contest the fine in court.

“We are currently engaging with our legal advisers regarding any damage this may have caused the brand and how to respond accordingly,” management said.

Management has since sent IOL an email trail in which they repeatedly asked the City to provide bins outside the establishment.

Pedros said in April, the newly-opened establishment needed to register for refuse collection, which involved taking over from the previous tenant and applying for a new account so DSW bins would be delivered and used for Pedros refuse, which would be collected three times a week.

“There were multiple unanswered emails and phone calls to officials. We were passed over from one DSW consultant to the next.

“A relatively simple process turned into a six-month long headache for Pedros.

“Eventually, it was discovered that Pedros would not be able to open an account because the electricity and water meter was owned by the landlord and so began another drawn out process, during which Pedros was left with no official DSW bins and no refuse removal contract,” management explained.

It added that Pedros refuse was not collected which resulted in an overflow of bags at the refuse pick-up point, some of which were opened by vagrants.

This, management added, was photographed and reported to the City, which issued the fine.

“Finally, in desperation, a Pedros employee stopped the refuse removal truck driver, who referred us to an official who was able to finalise the contract and delivery of bins.

“Pedros received the fine on Tuesday, November 8 and the DSW bins were delivered the next day,” Pedros said.

“If only the municipality was half as efficient at delivering on their mandate to keep the city clean as they are at issuing fines and promptly posting about it on social media.

“One only has to look around to see evidence of the municipality’s failure to keep the city clean.

“While they fine Pedros for ‘illegal dumping’, despite their repeated attempts to rectify the situation, sewerage spills into our rivers and runs down streets daily. Piles of refuse litter our freeways, river beds and roads.

“Barriers lie broken, verges and parks are left untended for months and our sea is unsafe for swimming,” management expressed.

Pedros reiterated that littering and illegal dumping of any kind is strongly prohibited by the brand and not the Pedros way.

“No other store has ever in the brand’s history had an issue with refuse removal.

“They will be contesting the fine in court and are currently engaging with their legal advisers regarding any damage this may have caused the brand, and how to respond accordingly,” Pedros said.