Sho Madjozi. Picture: YouTube thumbnail

Twitter has been trending with the #JohnCenaChallenge.

Rising star Sho Madjozi's "John Cena" video on the Colours Studios YouTube channel has gained more than 1 million views.

John Felix Anthony Cena Jr is an American professional wrestler, actor, rapper, and TV personality. 

As a wrestler, he is currently signed to WWE. 

Since the debut of the track last week, the "Huku" star has had a whirlwind ride with the new song getting the stamp of approval from Missy Elliot, the WWE and the man himself, John Cena. 

Taking to his Instagram the "Daddy's Home" star posted a picture of the "Huku" rapper on the cover of Successful Women. 

The song is fast becoming a club hit and Madjozi finished recording the official version on Monday and it is set to release it soon. 

Social media users are saying things like: @AdvBarryRoux: "Sho Madjozi just proved that you can make a hit and havea  million viewers on YouTube without being half naked" and @MissQabs said: "Sho Madjozi’s music bathong.. it takes me back to my crèche / pre-school days... I just love her music and Babes Wodumo... they have that piti piti bota gayi futa futa futele mame vibes.. u are loved".

Here are some of the tweets: 

I heard the like where she was like "Eskom is punching tax payers wallets like John Cena
Eskom is putting the economy in a FU like John Cena
We can't see where all the bail outs are going like John Cena" #JohnCenaChallenge

— Acnologia (@ShadoWhiteDrago) August 22, 2019

@ShoMadjozi running the #LimpopoChampionsLeague like#JohnCenaChallenge

— Hood Detective (@Naybahood_KidSA) August 22, 2019

#[email protected]
Hope it's not too late😥😂

— Samuel masoga (@samuelmasoga000) August 22, 2019

I challenge @ciara to-do #JohnCenaChallenge I know she will kill it!😍😍😍

— Mehlokazulu Gamndane Ngobese (@portia_nokuzola) August 22, 2019

10/10 #JohnCenaChallenge

— Tshifulwe Albert (@Tshifalbert) August 22, 2019

Night made... Infact whole week completed 🤣😂🤣😂❤ #JohnCenaChallenge

— Thenji Shezi (@MaShares) August 22, 2019

Lovely Thursday listening to this beautiful song by Sho Majozi "John Cena🙈". Rock them wena girl👱 and get buff💪 like John Cena. 🙌🙌#JohnCenaChallenge #CantSeeMe #ImAnActor

— S'phesihle Mkhwanazi (@SihleMkhw95) August 22, 2019

Did you know @ShoMadjozi
Goes for a swim fully dressed and still gets over million views on YouTube? #JohnCena #JohnCenaChallenge

— CR Defense Team 🇿🇦 (@Rural_Chief) August 22, 2019

#JohnCenaChallenge DJ Tira looking at this like....

— #KumkaniSolomon💦 (@_magakwe_) August 22, 2019

I would love to participate in this #JohnCenaChallenge but dancing skills dololo 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

— Cindy_Makhado (@Cindy_WaMakhado) August 22, 2019

This is sooo beautiful 🙌😍🔥 #JohnCenaChallenge 💕

— #DontHurtHer (@realjsindy) August 22, 2019

@DJ_BabyMolDii and her squad - dance rehearsals. #Idhom #JohnCenaChallenge #JohnCena #FillUp2019 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾🎶✨🔥

— Sedi Laka Music (@SediLakaMusic) August 22, 2019

#JohnCenaChallenge yeses , coming from work , seeing this trending, listening to the song. Titi titi weekend mood activated ...

— Kagiso.🇿🇦 Sepedi ke leleme la bomma. (@djOld_soulsSA) August 22, 2019