LETHABO KHUNOU is offering workshops in primary schools to teach children how to overcome bullying in schools. Picture: Supplied
Pretoria - Having found her feet in the modelling world, one-time victim of bullying Lethabo Khunou, 23, is offering workshops in Hammanskraal primary schools.  

Khunou said she started the With-Within Anti-bullying campaign in October last year to teach and help pupils how to overcome bullying in schools.

After many reported cases of bullying incidents in Stinkwater, she said coming up with the campaign was easy.

It allows her to visit schools in Hammanskraal, targeting Grade 1 to Grade 3 pupils. In these workshops she informs the pupils of the dangers of bullying.

Khunou said the reason why she chose to advocate for anti-bullying at primary schools was that was where the root of bullying was.

“The dangers of bullying include suicide, depression, low self-esteem, lack of concentration and lack of interest in activities, and it creates drop-outs. These children can also bring weapons to school to protect themselves and they become tense when in class.

“As a victim of bullying, I also offer advice on how to overcome bullying. I engage the children on ways to deal with bullies.

“I want to also reach out to parents to make them aware of the signs, to make them aware if their child is a victim of bullying or if they are bullies.

“The bullies must also know what they are doing is wrong so that they can stop carrying the habit to school,” she said.

Telling her story as a victim of bullying in primary school, she said she used to receive notes and was mocked for being tall and dark-skinned.

“I could not even raise a hand in class because I was scared the bullies would make fun of me. And also because I had a darker complexion it was hard to make friends. Imagine a 10-year-old suggesting that I make my skin lighter.”

She said after breaking out of her shell, she saw the need to voice out her frustrations about bullying.

With the campaign she wants children to be content with who they are.

“With-within means it starts with you,” she said.

She said schools were welcome to invite her to conduct workshops on anti-bullying.

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