Patricia de Lille
CAPE Town Mayor Patricia de Lille has hit back at the DA for saying that her role would merely be “ceremonial”.

On May 11 the Western Cape High Court reinstated De Lille as mayor pending the outcome of the legal battle between her and the DA, expected on Friday.

Reacting to the judgment, DA deputy chairperson Natasha Mazzone said: “De Lille will now act in a ceremonial role, with substantive governance decisions taken by the DA caucus in the interests of the people of Cape Town”.

De Lille said the comments by Mazzone “were calculated to mislead the public with unnecessary spin-doctoring but also to undermine the effectiveness of the court’s judgment and order”.

The DA had used an obscure clause in its constitution to interpret an interview De Lille had on radio on April 26, saying it effectively amounted to a resignation. De Lille is challenging the constitutionality of the clause.

She criticised the manner in which her party interpreted her words in the interview. She said the quotation of “portions of the interview by the DA is disingenuous and what is important is what is left out”.

De Lille also referred to similar statements made by DA members, whom action was never taken against.

She questioned why the membership of DA MP Phumzile van Damme was not terminated after she stated that she would resign from the party if it did not engage white privilege and black poverty.