THABO Lebea in the shack where his brother, Percy Lebea, was electrocuted on Monday after flooding. Oupa Mokoena African News Agency (ANA)
Pretoria - The brother of Percy Lebea, the 32-year-old victim of Monday’s floods in Mamelodi East, yesterday recounted the horror of finding his brother’s lifeless body in their shack upon returning from a shop.

Lebea was electrocuted when coming into contact with a wire from his stove that dangled in flood water in the shack in Extension 11 of Morgan Village.

Thabo Lebea said his brother had woken him up on Monday morning so they could clear away the flood water that had swamped their shack.

Using buckets and mops, they tried to remove the water. After some time they had been unable to remove all the water, and the pair took a break and walked to a nearby shop.

“Percy left me at the shop and said he was hungry and needed to cook and eat something. I tried talking him out of it, but he went anyway,” said Thabo.

“That was the last time I saw my brother. The next time I saw him was when he was lifeless in a pool of water inside the shack.”

He said when he returned from his break he called for Thabo, but got no reply. “The door was partially open and I didn’t see him, so I went to go look for him at the toilet outside, but still couldn’t find him.”

Thabo returned to the shack, pushed open the door and found his brother’s lifeless body.

“It was traumatic and the moment still plays in my head,” he said, while he pointed to the spot were he found his brother.

“He lived and worked in Joburg, but came to live with me in Mamelodi after he was retrenched.”Thabo said the government needed to end its neglect of informal settlements. “We are always promised, since 1996, that they will formulate and develop our informal settlement, but nothing has happened.”

Residents said had the government lived up to their promises, none of this would have occurred.

According to Thabo, the neglect had forced people to connect electricity illegally and build shacks on low-lying land.

He said residents had been waiting for a long time for the allocation of stands and provision of proper homes.

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