Ga-Rankuwa Industrial Park security officers block the gate to NWDC, affecting operations at the local Sassa offices that's housed in the premises. Picture: James Mahlokwane

Pretoria - Ga-Rankuwa Industrial Park security officers downed tools and shut down the offices of the company in charge of the industrial area this morning over non-payment.

Aggrieved over "constantly" delayed salary payments, they shut the gate of the North West Development Cooperation (NWDC), claiming the company appointed a security company that hasn't paid them in two months.

Their shutdown subsequently affected services at the Ga-Rankuwa South African Social Service Agency (Sassa) offices that are housed inside the NWDC building.

Chairperson of the local South African National Civil Organisation (Sanco) Peter Magagula said NWCP as the property owner of the industrial area has been appointing security services providers that have all struggled to make consistent salary payments for years. 

Magagula said: "This time they appointed Matome Moloto Projects but this is a security company from Limpopo and they don't even have offices here. 

"We are struggling to find them because you don't know where to go. 

"When we make contact with them to ask why we have not been paid in two months they tell us that they too are waiting for money from NWDC.

"It was for that reason that we decided we are going to shut down their operations. 

"This is just way too much for the workers who also have lives, families and financial commitments. 

"The year is nearly ending and these workers have to prepare for the festive season and the back to school season. 

"How do they do that when they have to go two months without pay?"

The men and women who gathered at the gate despite rain, said enough was enough. 

They said they were not going to stop their demonstrations until NWDC and the security company come together and host a meeting with them to answer their questions. 

"These people have been calling for permanent absorption because this thing of contracts and external security companies handling them is not working. 

"The workers want to be permanently employed by NWDC so that they could have peace of mind and protect this Ga-Rankuwa Industrual Park.

"These unnecessary security companies are just making things more difficult for the workers. 

"Every company comes and changes salary payment dates. These workers used to get paid on the 30th or 31st of every month and now they've been told the new company pays on the 7th. It's now the 19th and these people have not been paid," Magagula said

A senior NWDC employee known as Mafora decided to drive away when Pretoria News approached him to ask for clarification on the situation.

He had been sitting in his car watching the situation and updating some of his colleagues over the phone. 

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