One of the #IdibalaChallenge memes that have been shared rapidly on social media platforms.
One of the #IdibalaChallenge memes that have been shared rapidly on social media platforms.

LOOK: More videos on #IdibalaChallenge flood social media

By RUDZANI MATSHILI Time of article published Nov 7, 2018

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Pretoria - It seems like the warning from the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) regarding the dangers of doing #IdibalaChallenge while driving has fallen on deaf ears as more videos continue to flood social media platforms.  

King Monada’s latest hit Malwedhe has been trending since last week. 

The song talks about a person who gets a disease when his or her partner cheats, resulting in the person fainting.

The song later led to what came to be known as the #IdibalaChallenge (fainting challenge) in which people take videos of themselves simulating a fainting spell. 

RTMC’s Simon Zwane yesterday told Independent media that the challenge could lead fans to an early grave if they are not careful. The warning came after some fans started doing the challenge while driving.

In videos shared rapidly on different platforms fans simulate fainting while still behind the wheel while singing along, resulting in them having their eyes off the road for a few seconds. 

Zwane said what was happening was dangerous as it compromises a driver’s ability to maintain a vehicle steady on the road.

While some have slammed the challenge more videos kept coming in this morning under #IdibalaChallenge including those of people driving doing the challenge.  

Some tweeps have since poked fun at those participating in memes and witty videos. 

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