MAYOR Stevens Mokgalapa donated blankets and other items to children at Inkululeko Care Centre in Salvokop yesterday. Thobile Mathonsi/African News Agency (ANA)
Pretoria - Mayor Stevens Mokgalapa yesterday donated blankets, hats and scarves to at least 73 children at Inkululeko Care Centre in Salvokop.

Mokgalapa, who was accompanied by his MMCs and Tshwane officials, said the gesture was done in the spirit of commemorating Nelson Mandela International Day.

The stop at the centre was during a tour undertaken around the city to visit historic venues such as Freedom Park, Voortrekker Monument, 1 Military Hospital, Church Square and the Union Buildings.

Mokgalapa said the tour was in honour of Mandela's last moments when his mortal remains lay in state for five days after his death in December 2013. Mokgalapa said: “Mandela Day is the reminder of our rich history and in particular our rich political history and the contribution of our city to that history.”

He said the tour showed the importance of cultural diversity of the city and the country.

He singled out the co-existence of the Freedom Park and Voortrekker Monument as a classic example of a country united in cultural diversity.

The entourage also drove past 1 Military Hospital, where Mandela's body was kept overnight and transported to the Union Buildings for public viewing.

Mokgalapa said: “This is where our father, Mandela's body, was hosted for the duration of public viewing by the nation and the hospital has become the national monument.”

On their way from the hospital, they drove past Kgosi Mampuru II Correctional Centre as well as Palace of Justice before heading to the Union Buildings, where they wrapped up their day.

Mokgalapa said the Union Buildings always reminded South Africans about the past and future of the country. “It is a seat of government.

“It reminds us of where we are coming from and it reminds us of where we are going. And it is to make sure that we guard our democracy with everything that we have.”

He said it was important for the country to remember that democracy didn't come cheap. “We have to make sure that moving forward we espouse democratic freedom.”

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