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NAKED pictures of a Centurion woman, which her now former lover and his girlfriend allegedly threatened to distribute “for all to see”, were the subject of an urgent court application this week.

The woman has asked for an interdict preventing the couple from sending the pictures into the public domain.

She also asked the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, to order the couple to delete the pictures from the phone of her former lover.

The parties are not identified, to spare the applicant, referred to as C, any further embarrassment.

The pictures, some depicting her naked and others in lingerie, were in fact already sent by the scorned girlfriend to another former boyfriend of C and a mutual friend of theirs.

C said in court papers she now urgently wanted to prevent the rest of the world from seeing them.

Judge Neil Tuchten removed the matter from the roll as the parties were not ready to go ahead. The reason for this was not clear, but it means it can again serve before court at a later stage.

C meanwhile stated in court papers that she was being blackmailed by the scorned girlfriend, who said she would distribute the pictures “to everyone in Centurion, Pretoria and Johannesburg” if C did not bring R10 000 in cash to her home before a certain date.

This money, the girlfriend said, was to refund her boyfriend who paid the airfare for a “dirty weekend” away with C, and for two nights in a Pretoria hotel, where the two met up.

C said she was shocked to receive this message, as she was under the impression the former lover and his girlfriend had broken up, or she would have never agreed to have a relationship with him.

She and her former lover had a relationship years ago, but things ended when he met his present girlfriend. But in September this year they met up again after he told her he ended his relationship with his present girlfriend.

He invited her to Cape Town and paid her airfare: “He assured me his relationship was over.”C said he started sending her explicit pictures of himself. As she knew him for a while and trusted him, she did the same. The other side has not yet filed answers.