Learners with disabilities acquire artisans skills

Tshwane MMC for Corporate and Shared Services, Kingsley Wakelin. Picture: File

Tshwane MMC for Corporate and Shared Services, Kingsley Wakelin. Picture: File

Published Mar 27, 2024


An initiative to equip learners living with disabilities with artisans skills under the tutelage of Tshwane Leadership and Management Academy, will pave a way for them to enter into the labour market.

So says City of Tshwane’s MMC for Corporate and Shared Services, Kingsley Wakelin, who has hailed the academy for accommodating learners with disabilities.

The municipality, he said, was driving a programme to provide 35 learners with disabilities from local special educational needs schools with pathways to technical and vocational careers.

Wakelin said the idea behind the academy’s expansion of its current artisan programme was to provide the disabled learners with the same opportunities afforded their peers.

“Most of the learners are progressing well with their training, although it has not been without challenges. In addition to the technical training aspects of the curriculum, we have realised that the curriculum should include significantly more psychosocial support for the learners. This will assist them with the process of maturing sufficiently for workplace readiness, which, together with their technical skills, will enable successful entry into the labour market,” he said.

The City, he said, was committed to providing opportunities to young people from all backgrounds, including learners with disabilities.

“The skills development and training of the next generation of artisans is essential to meet the City’s technical requirements, so that we can continue to repair, maintain and upgrade our infrastructure,” Wakelin said.

Last year, more than 70 young people were recruited to the academy to undergo training as electricians, fitters, plumbers, welders, among other skills.

Wakelin said: “Our efforts are already showing success. We recently placed 78 graduates from our artisan programme as trainee qualified artisans in various City departments where their skills are needed.”

The placement is part of the City’s new Extended Public Works Programme’s three-year pilot project.

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