Metro cops vow to clamp down on reckless driving

Metro cops vow to clamp down on reckless driving. Picture: File

Metro cops vow to clamp down on reckless driving. Picture: File

Published Dec 11, 2023


The Tshwane Metro Police have vowed to turn up the heat on motorists who are likely to flout traffic rules this festive season by either driving under the influence, or going beyond the legal speed limit.

Chief of metro police, Commissioner Yolanda Faro, spoke tough against lawlessness on the road during the launch of the City of Tshwane’s festive season operations at the Petroport Garage on the N1 highway yesterday.

“This festive season we will be hands-on in enforcing the law. No stone will be left unturned when it comes to criminal activities and traffic violations. Our Tshwane Metro Police officers are highly visible and practise zero-tolerance for unlawful behaviour. We will arrest everyone who breaks the law,” she said.

She said the metro police would work hand in hand with other law enforcement agencies and the City of Tshwane Emergency Services in a bid to ensure safety on the road. They will also fight crime.

“There will be a high level of road policing, by-law enforcement and crime prevention throughout Tshwane. Already, the Tshwane Metro Police Department, with other role-players, have embarked on numerous operations that are conducted almost daily to reduce lawlessness and so far this has yielded good results,” Faro said.

With the festive season being the most active period due to increased traffic volumes and road accidents, she stressed that the metro police would focus on reducing road fatalities, promote road safety and eliminate criminal elements.

“Numerous spaza shops were closed for non-compliance during operations bylaws. Recently, 11 drunk drivers were arrested in one of the operations where the alcohol bus was used. Many fines for different violations have been issued. These operations will continue throughout the festive season,” she added.

She encouraged people travelling to different destinations to practise safety precautions.

“Ensure that your vehicles are roadworthy, avoid speeding, never drink and drive and do not overload your vehicle. Always look for pedestrians, consider other drivers on the road and avoid road rage,” she said.

In conclusion, Faro expressed gratitude to officers who will be working throughout the festive holidays and spend less time with their families.

“I encourage you to serve with dignity and pride,” she said.

Roads and Transport MMC, Katlego Mathebe, said in recent months the City launched a series of events and programmes to highlight road safety and public infrastructure awareness.

“Tshwane Metro Police Department is a pivotal stakeholder in ensuring that our roads are safe to use and that there is law enforcement,” she said.

She said the recently launched mobile alcohol bus would be used as a mobile command centre during major accidents for checking outstanding traffic fines and testing if drivers are under the influence of alcohol.

The bus is equipped with advanced testing equipment, enabling swift and accurate alcohol tests for motorists.

“I want to call on you to join our City in this important initiative and I hope your attendance here will serve as a motivation for us to continue to shine the flag of road safety together,” Mathebe said.

She said people must always remember that the road rules apply to everyone.

“I also want to encourage our residents and visitors to explore our tourism offerings in the City. We have a wide range of nature reserves and resorts to enjoy from the capital city,” she said.

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