New Pitori barcadi anthem dedicated to Vusi MaR5

Khusi Sdumane is dropping a new barcadi single ‘Ka Lehetla’, originally created for Vusi MaR5, this Friday.

Khusi Sdumane is dropping a new barcadi single ‘Ka Lehetla’, originally created for Vusi MaR5, this Friday.

Published Mar 20, 2024


The upcoming release of the single 'Ka Lehetla' by the well-known radio personality Khutsi Malala, slated for this Friday, promises a myriad of surprises.

Malala, known for his prowess behind the microphone, ventures into the realm of music under the alias Khutsi Sdumane, exploring a new creative path beyond studios and microphones.

The song was initially intended for the late pioneer of barcadi music, Vusi MaR5. Unfortunately, the iconic figure couldn't record the vocals for the track due to his untimely passing.

Khutsi Sdumane was then roped in to complete the song in memory of Vusi MaR5 - and hopes that he has done justice to it. “The aim is to keep his memory alive and give the barcadi lovers something fresh to dance too this year,” he said.

He described it as an accidental occurrence when he found himself in the studio, experimenting with vocals, much to the pleasure of the producer DJ Bakk3.

Learning the background history of the beat from the producer left him greatly encouraged.

“I was in studio for something else; we were enjoying ourselves and Bakk3 was playing his catalogue of beats as a form of entertainment on the day. He then dropped this one beat and I instantly jumped up and said ‘record me’. I did my verses in one take.

“I don’t know, but he must have worked on the song overnight because the following day he called me and invited me to his studio urgently.

“Arriving there, he played me the same song, now with my vocals. I was so shocked by what I heard.

“He went on to tell me again that the song was originally created for Vusi MaR5, with Bunny Energizer in mind. I then got goosebumps.

“Bunny Energizer, by the way, was discovered by Vusi as a petrol attendant after she danced to his song while he was filling up his car.

“I remember we drove to Bunny’s house around 9pm. We found her in PJs, but she agreed to come with us to the studio to do her vocals.”

The entire process of completing the song as predestined, as if written in the stars.

Adding another layer of surprise, Malala has joined forces with DJ Edit SA Music record label for the release, describing it as a move guided by the higher power, God.

Nearly a decade ago, he urged his friend Kennedy Mudzuli, who at the time was a budding DJ sending mixtapes to numerous radio stations, to explore the realm of music

“He had so much potential, and literally came alive when he spoke about his music. I saw a side of him I never knew before; music awakened a giant in him,” Malala said.

At the time, it was obvious that the then Pretoria News deputy editor was “onto something great”, according to Malala.

They jointly came up with the stage name DJ Edit SA for the veteran journalist, who heads the Independent Media group’s Pretoria News to this day.

DJ Edit SA then took lessons to sharpen his spinning and mixing skills and then started experimenting with music production.

Today, he is one of the best Afro house producers around, with an impressive catalogue of hit songs. He, subsequently, founded DJ Edit SA Music, now contracted to Virgin Music Group South Africa.

The label is the musical home to several musicians in Tshwane and beyond, including Percy Sleash SA, gospel singer Minister Prudence and vocalist Nosy Lee.

Malala said that he is excited about the song, and will be promoting it on social media platforms. He will also be hosting some dance challenges in promotions of the song and getting upcoming artists to showcase their barcadi moves with ‘Ka Lehetla’.

The single will be available on all digital music platforms this Friday.

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