People desperate for employment are falling prey to job scams. Picture: file
People desperate for employment are falling prey to job scams. Picture: file

Tips on how not to fall prey to a job scam

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Jan 5, 2021

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Pretoria - With all the salary and job cuts that have come with Covid-19, most people are desperate for employment but sadly some have fallen prey to job scams.

Founder of HR Company Solutions Madelein Smit said: “We’ve been receiving calls from people about (the issue). The scammer has asked job seekers to pay a certain fee to secure a job interview using an employee’s name.”

According to Smit, scams have a negative impact on recruitment agencies because people became suspicious of job opportunities.

“Scammers are taking advantage of the thousands of unemployed who are in desperate need of work. We would like to increase people’s awareness and knowledge of these recruitment scams to ensure those job seekers do not end up losing money and their good names,” said Smit.

Tips on how to spot a job scam:

1. Recruitment agencies will never charge a candidate to assist them finding a job.

2. Check out the company online before you apply.

3. If someone says you are shortlisted for a job you haven’t applied for, this is a red flag.

4. Your CV to in the wrong hands can lead to identity fraud. Before sending it out, make sure the company is legitimate.

5. Unfortunately, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. So, beware of people who guarantee you a job in exchange for money; recruiting does not work like that.

6. When applying for jobs advertised on a website, first read through the job description and specification and ensure the contact number and company name supplied are legitimate.

7. When looking for a job, use legitimate platforms such as PNET and Careers24, which as recruiters and companies that advertise vacancies on these platforms, are vetted and also pay to advertise.

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