Tuks FM surprises listeners with spontaneous rebranding as UP FM

Tuks FM was rebranded UP FM for a day.

Tuks FM was rebranded UP FM for a day.

Published Mar 22, 2024


Tuks FM 107.2, the campus radio station of the University of Pretoria, astounded listeners on Wednesday with an electrifying on-air stunt, unveiling a surprise rebranding as UP FM.

This daring move, executed with flair and spontaneity, underscores Tuks FM's commitment to innovation and creativity in the dynamic world of radio broadcasting.

In a remarkable twist, even the station's staff were unaware of the impending change. With only three hours' notice, the station manager revealed the secret plan, which saw Tuks FM transform its on-air imaging and logo to reflect the new identity of UP FM.

This bold move highlights Tuks FM's willingness to push boundaries and embrace unconventional approaches to engage its audience and stay ahead in the competitive radio market.

"We believe in thinking outside the box and pushing the limits of creativity," said Lwazi Mpofu, Station Manager of Tuks FM. "The decision to rebrand as UP FM for a day was a bold move aimed at generating buzz and sparking conversations about Tuks FM. We wanted to showcase our ability to innovate and captivate our audience in unexpected ways."

Tuks FM's reputation for innovation and originality has long been recognised in the industry. As a campus radio station, Tuks FM embraces its unique position to experiment and constantly evolve, keeping its audience engaged and entertained. The feedback on social media following the rebranding stunt reaffirmed the enduring resonance of the Tuks FM name and brand with its loyal listeners.

"Being in the campus radio space allows us the freedom to be truly creative and explore new avenues to make our brand stand out," added Lundi Cavernelis, Tuks FM programme manager. "This on-air stunt was just one example of our commitment to delivering dynamic and compelling content that resonates with our audience."

As Tuks FM returns to its original branding, the station remains committed to delivering innovative, engaging, and diverse programming to its listeners.

With a renewed sense of energy and creativity, Tuks FM looks forward to continuing to captivate audiences and cementing its position as one of the leading campus radio broadcasters.

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