It was significant that President Jacob Zuma mentioned that the economy is still run by white men.

He made mention of this fact when he spoke about the “second transition”.

Zuma touched the nerve of the challenge that the ANC faces.

If he wants to reflect that fewer white men should be involved in the economy, he wants to kill the hen producing the golden eggs.

Why is SA different from so many African countries? Because of the involvement of white men in business, Mr President.

The white men guarantee enough tax to the government.

Take Zimbabwe as an example. The country got its “freedom” in April 1980.

The government of Robert Mugabe then embarked upon the course envisaged now by the ANC.

More money had to be taken from people who were productive to produce food for its unproductive inhabitants.

As the country slipped into poverty, big investors started withdrawing and farms were violently taken from whites.

Its second transition has been completed but still the country is one of the poorest in the world.

Does the ANC really want a Zim scenario in SA?

Does the ANC want to rob Peter to pay Paul?

The challenge facing the ANC is to create more scope for white men in business to ensure a steady stream of income to fulfil its obligations.

Simultaneously, a programme should start where black businessmen are trained and empowered to secure a basis for black people in business.

The frame of mind of the ANC, where they want to limit the role of whites in business, will ultimately render SA as just another of Africa’s poor countries.

The answer is not easy. I hope the ANC policy conference will come up with a practical and workable solution for this problem.

Sarel Myburgh, Montana