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Pretoria cleaner turns to court over 'baboon' slur

By RUDZANI MATSHILI Time of article published Dec 4, 2019

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Pretoria - A former cleaner in Pretoria, Gladys Ratlala, will today approach the Equality Court in a bid to get justice after her supervisor allegedly called her a baboon.

Ratlala, originally from Lesotho, was employed by Skitterblink Cleaning Services in Centurion.

She claimed she had picked up a school bag in the dustbin. In her version, she said the supervisor then called her a baboon.

Subsequent to the alleged incident in April, she claimed her boss forced her to sign a written warning.

In addition, the 47-year-old mother of two accused her supervisor of hurling racial insults at her.

She believes it was because she was a foreign national. “I was treated very harshly. I was treated badly because I am a foreigner.

“All I did was pick up stuff with fellow colleagues from a dustbin, thrown away by a client, but I was forced to sign a written warning form and called a baboon. When I reported the supervisor to the employer, I was told to just get over it and forgive each other for being called such a derogatory term,” she said. Yesterday, the CCMA dismissed her case, further charging her for filing false claims. She said she tried to ignore the insults, but eventually approached her boss who moved her to a different team.

She further claimed that each time she reported her supervisor, the boss would make her sign written warning forms which she refused to do.

“I was dismissed because I refused to sign those forms, being called stubborn for it. I will be approaching the Equality Court in a bid to get justice.”

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