The deep and dangerous hole that bothers Pretoria West residents. Picture: James Mahlokwane

Pretoria - Pretoria West residents are running out of patience as they wait for the City of Tshwane to appoint contractors to start fixing a huge problematic hole in Soutter Street.

The hole was dug up last year in November by the municipality who wanted to fix a pipeline that caused numerous drain leaks in the street.

However, it has been left open until now and residents have grown frustrated as it threatens lives because people have to walk around it and their health due to the smell of the dirty water inside.

Residents blocked the road in February after a man fell inside head first and came out bleeding from his nose and ears.

They have since blocked the road several more times to compel the city to urgently appoint a contractor to start making repairs and close the hole. 

Residents who live in the nearby flats complained that a lot drains were blocked in the street after heavy rains.

Since last week workers have been removing a large pile of stones that came out of the hole. On several occasions, locals used the stones to block the road as they wanted the City to act faster.

A local businessman who asked not to be named said: “This hole has been nothing but a headache to the people here and our business. When people are angry they block the road and we lose business because we cannot trade. 

“We can understand why the people do that because we think these City workers have no idea what they are doing. They dug a hole here and failed to locate the problem and now it stinks up this place.  

City spokesperson Lindela Mashigo communicated that the city was treating the matter as urgent and was adamant to repair the old drainage system that caused the numerous leaks. 

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