Members of the Sebokeng community, south of Joburg, are being urged to claim one of two PowerBall Plus jackpot tickets, worth more than R25million in total.

Yesterday, the South African National Lottery announced that the two tickets, bought almost a year ago, had not been claimed.

Ithuba head of marketing Khensani Mabuza confirmed that the tickets were both bought at Ifalethu Trading Store in Moshoeshoe Road, Sebokeng.

Mabuza said: “We are trying to reach the owners of the tickets to come forward to claim their money. We don’t know who they are, but what we can trace is the name of the store and what time the tickets were purchased.”

The first ticket, worth over R21.7m, was bought at 7.33pm on June 30 for R45 and will expire on June 30.

The second ticket, worth over R3.4m, was bought on July 21 for R22.50 at 4.47pm and will expire on July 21.

According to the Ithuba official, there have been various methods in trying to establish who the lucky winners are, by announcing on local radio stations and in various publications.

Having recently joined Ithuba, Mabuza said this was the first time she had taken up a project to find the winners of the jackpot money.

What happens to the money if the winners are not found?

Mabuza said the millions would be transferred to the National Lottery Distribution Fund for the benefit of good causes.

“How the money is used becomes the discretion of the trust,” she said.