Duncan Potgieter and his girlfriend Claudine Naude have promised a R10 000 reward to anyone who can get back their missing dog Connor. Oupa Mokoena African News Agency (ANA)
Pretoria - A Heartbroken couple from Sinoville have offered a R10 000 reward for a person who can bring back their precious puppy Connor.

Claudine Naude and Duncan Potgieter said their young black and white dog went missing on December 28.

They have hunted high and low and have put a post on Facebook, pleading with anyone who can help in seeing him safely home.

They also distributed posters in township areas including Hammanskraal and Soshanguve with the hope they will get a call from someone who might have spotted their “little baby”.

They told the Pretoria News yesterday they received an anonymous tip-off from someone in Eersterust, telling them Connor has been spotted there.

Naude said: “We have an animal communicator. She gave us a lead and said he might be there. But we are trying everywhere.”

She said they received lots of calls from people claiming they know of people who steal dogs, but when they send pictures it was not Connor.

“We are hoping that we will find him because R10 000 is a lot of money,” Naude said; more than three times what they paid for the dog.

“I thought that if they (thieves) are going to sell the dog to someone they are not going to get that type of money,” Naude said.

She hoped it would be an inducement to return him to his rightful owners.

The disappearance of Connor had made them very sad but they had not given up hope of finding him, she said.

They had also not lost hope of finding him alive.

“We just need him back. We are trying everything just to get him back,” she said explaining why they had resorted to a big reward

Potgieter said Connor, a four-months old pup, exuded “exciting energy” all the time.

Naude said they last saw the dog between Christmas and New Year, while she was preparing food for him.

“We were all outside. He was playing with other dogs.

“I went inside for about 10 minutes to make food and when I came out I called and all the dogs came except him.

“We called him and walked around in the bush but we didn’t see him.

“That is why we think he might have been stolen,” she said.

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