The top of the Reserve Bank.
THE City of Tshwane is a place where people wake up early in the morning to gather at their work stations in the towering Reserve Bank, which ensures our money is sound.

It’s a place of modern and historical buildings from the City Hall and Sammy Marks Square to the Absa Tower.

A city of bus stations and bike lanes, of taxis, Uber, A Re Yeng, Metro and Gautrain.

Of hospitals like Steve Biko and beautiful shopping centres like Menlyn.

Pretoria is a city where millions come to work, and put their heads down to sleep.

My Pretoria has beautiful Jacaranda-lined streets and beautiful people of different races coming together.

It is the fastest growing city luring investors because they see value in our markets.

I love the City of Tshwane because it is the city of education, health, safety, transport, departments, organisations, radio stations, artists, legal advice, metro police, embassies and shopping centres.

It has statues of Paul Kruger, Nelson Mandela and others, streets named after apartheid fighters and Struggle veterans, and Freedom Park.

It teaches much about the past and to understand how our legends lived, how life was for them during all the decades from the 1950s to the 1990s.

We should take very good care of our City and we should keep it clean all the time.

We want to see more job creation and improvements such as at Church Square and Tshwane House and free wi-fi, so people can do their research.

Tshwane House is the hub from where we want our service delivery needs met.

This city is rich, we are proud to be staying here as citizens of South Africa.

We are still going to see more to come for This is Our Pretoria. - Sibusiso Clement Sibanyoni