Picture: Virgilatte Gwangwa/ANA ARCHIVES
Pretoria - Stop giving women handouts and let them be active participants in the transport value chain to see real movement and development in the industry.

The Tshwane Women in Transport, a non-profit organisation, plans to keep this message on top of the agenda during the 38th Annual Southern African Transport Conference at the CSIR International Convention Centre.

Mavis Mhlanga-Mochadibane, chairperson of the organisation as well as the Tshwane structure of the South African Network of Women in Transport, said there was still a huge claim by women to secure their presence and status within the sector.

This was especially with regards to acquiring the knowledge surrounding the industry and to create understanding that public transport was not only about taxis and buses.

Exhibiting a stall championing women in transport, Mhlanga-Mochadibane said it was about time people genuinely started pushing for women and people with disabilities to be seen working and thriving in transport.

Most concerning, she said, was that she was still to see a conference to focus on discussing these issues and giving women a chance to be the role-players.

“We want the government or even the private sector to come on board and not just give us training, but also give us tangible jobs.”

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