ELIZABETH Olivier of Tuks is the winner of the South African senior and junior women’s slalom ski titles. African News Agency (ANA)
Pretoria - Elizabeth Olivier, a University of Pretoria (Tuks) industrial engineering and systems student, has won the South African senior and junior women’s slalom ski titles at the Tiffindell Ski Resort .

It is the second consecutive year she has achieved the feat.

While getting to ski down a 2860m slope at speed in a slalom race is as close as it gets to the ultimate adrenaline rush, where a mere lapse of concentration could lead to injury, it is also quite addictive.

And it is why 20-year-old Olivier, after more than 10 years of slalom skiing, still gets a real sense of achievement every time she finishes a competition unscathed.

The Tuks student impressed with the way she mastered the art of skiing. She managed to ski down the resort’s steepest slope on four occasions, something which quite a few of the male skiers in the international competition battled to do.

Olivier emphasised that utter focus is of cardinal importance when competing. “You only get one opportunity to get a feel for the course,” she said.

“It is essential to make the most of it. I try to memorise as much as I can to be prepared when I come down at speed into the corners. There is no margin for error. The reality is that if you do make a mistake, there is a real chance there could be dire consequences. Up to now, I have been lucky.

“The worst that ever happened to me was when I took a tumble at speed. My chin had to be stitched up afterwards.”

Olivier rates her highlights as representing South Africa in 2016 at the Youth Olympic Games and in 2017 at the World Championships.

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