Charlotte Moshoele, Paballo Moshoele and Joel Moshoele at Prinshof School for the Visually Impaired celebrating Paballo's achievement of gaining the second best results of learners with special educational needs in Gauteng. Picture: Chelsea Ntuli

Pretoria - Paballo Moshoele was awarded with the outstanding achievement of gaining the second best results of learners with special educational needs in Gauteng in the National Senior Certificate examinations in 2019. 

The visually impaired matriculant from Prinshof School for blind and partially sighted learners in Pretoria said once she was settled in her career she wanted to study teaching and educate people about albinism.

“I want to educate people. I grew up in a very small community in Hammanskraal. 

"A lot of people there are very misinformed, they don't know much about my condition and don't know what albinism is. 

"Once I am settled in my career I want to spread the word and educate people out there,” she said.

She was celebrated by the school, Tshwane West District and the Gauteng Education Department. 

She said she was all set to further her studies and the University of Stellenbosch doing Chemical Engineering and was gearing up to go and finalise her registration.

Paballo received distinctions in Life Sciences, Life Orientation and Afrikaans First Additional Language. 

She said her father had a huge influence on her and that he really pushed her to be the very best.

Her father Joel Moshoele said he always had faith in her and always knew that she was going to come out on top. 

He said they managed to get her through registration and will be able to afford the first few months however they were still looking for funds for her to continue the rest of the year.

“Her disability is definitely a worrying factor but she has a sister in Cape Town so she will be well taken care of but we believe in her and are relieved that the university has facilities that cater to her needs,” he said.

Niths Palane from the Gauteng Department of Education said while they might not be number one in the province Moshoele had contributed to them being number two. 

He said they were grateful for all the resources that were put in place for teaching material, creating the environment, the infrastructure and conducive learning. 

He added that, it was still a challenge going ahead but 2020 was the year where they would focus on quality education.

“We have got more bachelor passes than we did in previous years. 

It shows that there are township schools performing better and we are trying to ensure that we narrow the gap which is gradually narrowing between your township schools and ordinary public schools,” he said.

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