DA member of provincial legislature Adriana Randall speaks to an elderly residend at the Lodewyk Spies Home during her unannounced visit. Picture: Virgilatte Gwangwa


YOU forced me out of my sick bed just to get score politically, why did you not call before you came here so I could get the chairperson to meet with you; said Abraham Damons, manager of the Lodewyk Spies Home in Eersterust.

He said this after he refused to shake the DA member of the provincial legislature (MPL), Adriana Randall hand, during her unannounced visit at the home this morning. However, he seemed to calm down as Randall explained she was only responding to complaints and allegations made by relatives of the elderly who resided at the home and not to bring the home into disrepute.

“We are aware of the allegations and we have already written a letter to the Department of Social Development. We can also get you a letter from a doctor who examined Lawrence Mdluli, the man whose picture appeared on Facebook, there is nothing wrong with him, no sign of abuse whatsoever.

Manager Abraham Damons of Lodewyk Spies Home speaks to DA's Member of Provincial Legislature, Adriana Randall during her surprise oversight visit at the home. Video: Virgilatte Gwangwa

“Somebody and we believe it’s a staff member, took Mdluli off his bed, put him on the floor and took a picture which he/she then sent to the lady Mary Clarkeson so that she could bring the home into disrepute. We are investigating the matter and we will give feedback to the Department of Social Development,” Damons said.

The unannounced visit by Randall and concerned Eersterust community members come after families and relatives of the elderly residing at this elderly care institution complained about the living conditions at the home. To add to complaints, there was a Facebook post by Mary Clarkeson which showed Mdluli sleeping on the floor with the caption: “This is how abuse is taking place behind Lodewyk P.Spies closed doors.”

Members were eventually allowed to conduct their oversight visit.